Pre-Purchase Inspection

We can take a look under the hood

150 Point Check List

Buying a used vehicle can be a substantial risk if you don’t do a thorough inspection. Especially on european cars such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, and MINI, even basic repairs can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars! Save yourself the headache and hassle by getting a thorough pre-purchase inspection at our shop that specializes in european vehicles (but we can inspect any vehicle). A pre-purchase inspection is also a great way to bargain with a seller by bringing a vehicle’s flaws to the surface, once again saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Our shop is conveniently located in the heart of the RTP area in Cary right off exit 290 on I-40. To get an inspection done, please call to schedule an appointment. A pre-purchase inspection typically takes 1-2 hours to complete.

To do a complete inspection we will put the vehicle on our lift and using our diagnostic equipment, thoroughly review the car. This can only be done at a certified shop, so don’t trust those “we come to you” inspectors who just basically come, take a quick glance at the car, then tell you nothing really. Bring it to us for a real inspection.

Below is a list of parts on the vehicle that we will go over during an inspection:

Body Exterior

Paint Finish
Exterior Chrome
Rust / Corrosion
Dents / Dings
Scratches / Chips
Accident Damage
Panel Alignment
Body Filler
Glass Condition
Front Lenses
Rear Lenses
Front Bumper
Grill/Nose Panel
Rocker Panels
Quarter Panels
Deck lid/Liftgate
Rear Bumper
Roof / Convertible Top
Trim Moldings
Running Boards
Luggage Rack
Bed Liner
Frame (when accessible)

Body Interior

Front Seats
Rear Seats
3rd Row Seats
Front Carpet
Rear Carpet
Dashboard Wear
Instrument Panel
Head Rests
Door Trim
Trim Accents
Steering Column
Steering Wheel
Air Bags
Seat Belts
Child Seats
Arm Rests
Cup Holders
Glove Box
Door Handles
Door Latches
Hood Release
Trunk Release
Cargo Cover/Net


Engine Performance
Turbo Charger
Super Charger
Engine Temperature
Battery Case
Engine Label
Hood Latch
Hood Hinges
Hood Supports
Rad Supports
Strut Tie Bar
Inner Fenders
Bolts/Weld Seams


Transmission Performance
Fluid Condition
Fluid Leaks
4×4 / AWD Operation
Clutch Performance


Steering Performance
Steering Leaks
Steering Effort
Noise on Turns
Tire Wear Pattern


Suspension Performance
Alignment (pulls)
Bounce test
Ride Comfort

Brake System

Braking Performance
Vibration When Braking
Brake Fluid Level / Condition
Warning Lights / Gauges
Anti-Lock Brakes
Parking Brake
Brake Fluid Leaks

Electrical System

Head Lights
Fog Lights
Interior Lights
Turn Signals
4 Way Flashers
Windshield Wipers
Delay Wipers
Windshield Washers
Security System
CD Player
Keyless Entry
Power Mirrors
Power Windows
Power Locks
Power Seats
Power Sunroof
Horn Operation
Check Engine Light
Warning Lights
Warning Messages
Trunk Release
Heater Unit
Air Conditioning
Temperature Control

Convenience Group

Overhead Console
Customer Information Center
Automatic Temperature Control
Rear Temperature Controls
Dual Climate Control
Rear Defroster
Heated Seats
DVD Player
Convertible Top
Floor Mats
Power Sliding Hatch
Power Sliding Doors
Cruise Control

Air Conditioning

Cooling Performance
Evidence of Leaks
Operating Noises
Temperature Control

Drive Axles

Differential Leaks
Axle Leaks
CV Joint/Boot Condition
Noises Accelerating
Noises On Turn

Wheels / Tires

Performance / Handling
Vibration While Driving
Condition of Wheels
Condition of Tires
Spare Tire
Spare Tire Jack / Tools


We do not test for oil consumption, engine compression, or differential fluid levels.
We do not test for operation or accuracy of navigation equipment or fuel mileage computers
Normal time frame to complete a used vehicle inspection is 24-72 hours excluding weekends*

Diagnostic Services

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Performance Upgrades

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